Thursday, October 4, 2007

Doomtard and Bacon

Firstly, let me thank TJ for her link and activist attitude towards delurking. I have long been a staunch opponent of lurkers and blog ninjas, and it is encouraging to have support in the fight. Spread the word: the leeching apathy of those who read blogs but do not comment will stand no longer! The revolution will not be...uh, bloggerized? Er, anyway...upward and onward.

To Bastiaan & nibuca, I was metaphorically referring to anyone who reads a blog regularly yet does not leave comments as a ninja, because, well...thats what ninjas do. They see you, but you dont see them. Anyway, thanks for the comments!

To kakalakalakakalakalakakalaki (whom I can't link to since his/her profile is private). Question: What defines a real game? Loosely, a particular piece or series of software designed, programmed, created, and sold with the purpose of providing entertainment via console or PC/Mac interactivity with one or more end users. I normally enjoy a good argument, so such:

"1. Over-hyped. Halo is good, I'll give you that, but it's not God's gift to console games, not ever console FPS games. I'll take Goldeneye anyday!" What Microsoft licensed Xbox games aren't overhyped? And what about the Madden series? Isn't it also insanely over-hyped, considering the gameplay hardly varies from year to year, except for the players on each team? Besides, the Sega sports games are better than the EA sports games. Actually, I lied. I don't even play sports games. My point is, people like different games for different reasons. Because you don't get enjoyment out of Halo does not mean it is universally lame.

"2. Lame main character name. Master Chief... sounds like steroid driven Indian with a authority complex. I'm a master, no I'm a Chief. Which is it?!" Master Chief Petty Officer is the highest non-commisioned rank held in the US Navy. In the Halo series, Spartan-117 (aka, John), holds this same rank in the UNSC. So, that is where the main character gets his name. Know your US Military Ranks!

Joining the Club
So a couple of days ago I made a hunter. A dwarf hunter. I named him Doomtard. Then I trained a boar, because I hear boars make arguably the best leveling pet. I named him Bacon. Why is it that a level 11 pet can fight the level 15 Harvest Watchmen better than a level 11 warrior? It take long for me to feel the bond with Bacon. He's my ugly buddy now.

Maybe in a little while I'll apply for my membership card to Huntard Nation.