Monday, August 6, 2007

The PickPocket Macro

I've seen this particular macro posted on other Rogue sites, but I'd never tried it before this weekend.

What prompted me to do so was when I checked the auction house for fadeleaf to make some more blinding powder...only to find 1 measely piece. Since blinding powder can be found in junkboxes, I figured what the hell. I must say, it is glorious. In one heroic Sethekk Halls run, I made about 10g just from pickpocketing (coin and selling junk).

The concept is simple. Set yourself to auto-loot, and let the macro do the rest. Here it is:

#Showtooltip Cheap Shot
/Cast pickpocket
/Cast Cheap Shot

Repeat this for any other openers you wish, and you are good to go. Give it a try!!