Friday, August 3, 2007

Finally, Kara Rewards Me

Well there it is. My first piece of Tier 4. Finally, Karazhan has rewarded my DPS uberness. On night two of our Kara team 1 progression, Curator went down like the bucket of rusty bolts that he is...and I was one happy rogue. No pallys in the raid and the shammy already had hers, so I got the token for a measley 100 DKP!

In other news, I have an update for my previous post. I was farming for ravager flesh to make some ravager dogs for our run, so I decided to take some screen shots of my dps rating. This is totally unbuffed save for the haste set bonus of the Assassination Armor and Slice and Dice.

Remember that Find Weakness gives you a 10% boost to all damage for 10 seconds, and Improved Kidney Shot gives you another 9% increase to all damage (from all sources other than you as well) for [1cp = 2, 3, 4, 5, 5cp = 6] seconds. Thats 19% increased damage. Anyway, there it is, 537.5, completely unbuffed and pure.

An just for good measure, here I go again topping the meters by a large margin (of course, exluding BRK because, well, I'll never catch up to him and his pet). This was clearing trash from the backdoor up to and through chess (which dropped the SAME loot as last week) up to 3 shots at Aran.