Thursday, August 2, 2007

Muta1337 (Myoo-TAH-1337)

Yesterday, Chris (moar posts pls!) asked me for some actual DPS numbers that he could compare to his 10/41/10 combat swords build. So, I made a video last night (first time using Fraps, and I guess I have something to learn because youtube doesn't care much for 1.7gb avi files). Then he sent me an email this morning, and I guess I didn't really understand that he meant DPS RATING numbers. Doh.

Here is his email, and the screenshots I took from our Attument fight last night (we cleared up to and including Opera last night with considerable ease). Tonight I will try and get some screenshots that show some actual DPS rating numbers, although I did discuss this briefly in a this post.

"Ok, the SWstat crop shows my DPS while grinding lv 70 mobs with no raid buffs, just Instant/Deadly on the MH/OH. I've been as high as 650 on bosses when I had Priest, Pally and Druid buffs.

My armory profile is:

The reason I was asking to see your DPS in the manner I sent to you, is that number can be compared, while those cumulative damage totals can't. And the reason I'm curious is that I'm curious how my gear and spec would hold up with someone whose gear is itemized for PvE. I have a Lumbergh-esque meeting to get to, so I may add more later."

One thing I noticed while actually watching the video that these screenshots (check out the first Mutilate crit!!11//!) were taken from, is that even with 126 hit rating, I still miss quite often on ?? bosses. I'm not sure if I should sacrifice some crit rating for hit through gem itemization, but I may try it.

Regardless, you can see that with raid buffs and proccables, well, proccing (trinkets, Find Weakness, DS3 set bonus, Mongoose, etc.)...the raid DPS output of this build is just outstanding. I'm going to install SWStats tonight so that I can monitor my DPS rating, and tomorrow I'll post some numbers and caps and maybe even some calculations.