Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Monday Musings: Gibbons Syndrome

It's not that I hate my job, I just hate working.

Now, it'd be hard for anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment to argue that Office Space is not a classic movie. Especially, like me, if you work for a software development company. And even further if the software development company you work for employs a COO who personifies the Bill Lumbergh character. I'm not even remotely exaggerating when I say that this man speaks with the same drawn-out syllabic monotone when addressing his employees. It's like Mike Judge spent a day in my office before writing his script for this movie.

And don't even get me started on how many bosses I have to hear from when there is even the faintest appearance that I may have made a mistake...

...Really, it's a problem of motivation. I get to a point everyday, usually around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, where I just lose all ability to concentrate on anything.


Note to self: do NOT drink orange juice because you are thirsty. Further, do NOT drink orange juice because you are thirsty the morning after burning the roof of your mouth on a hot dinner.

I move to standardize the pronunciation of General Tso's Chicken. Is it "so"? "tow"? "tao"? Can't we just call it "All-American Chicken"?

Claymore (torrent here) is a wonderful new anime about well-formed-iron-clad-demon-fighting females. Just in time for me because Naruto is starting to get a bit boring (catch up to the manga already!!).

The customer is not always right. In fact, the customer is usually wrong.

Note to self: Actually make notes to self when thinking of "notes to self" before falling asleep. You will not remember them in the morning.

Google's image search sucks, and Yahoo's is useless since it started using Flickr images ( is blocked by our web filter).


Just some more proof that Combat Mutilate, when played properly, is a superior DPS talent specification for raiding. This was up to and including Maiden of Virtue. Note that BRK's combined hunter/pet damage, as usual, is the gold standard. 21.02% to my 18.05%? I'll take it.

The key? I keep Slice and Dice, Rupture (i'll pop a trinket that awards extra attack power just before applying this bleed effect, as it's damage increases accordingly), and 5 charges of Deadly Poisons ticking between Mutilates, timing the usage of each (along with an Eviscerate or Envenom when they are all in mid countdown) to keep Find Weakness from ever completely running out. Also, I never hesitate to vanish during a boss fight in order to wipe aggro and reapply Garrote.

EDIT: Moar proofs. This was from Curator through Chess and 4 shots at Aran. We got him down to 11% on our very first try, and 5% on our last. Damn respawn timers.