Friday, November 2, 2007


Dammit, TJ. This must be some kind of evil ruse. get me to post more?

Ok, fine. 1 post per day for the month of November. I ken haz manijments fer tat, rite? But the pressure! But I'll do it. But but.


Here. This is a picture of me wearing a Konoha forehead protector. The first person who quotes Naruto as saying "Believe it!" instead of "dattebayo!" is gonna get teh banhammer. I reserve all rights to be elitist here...anime does not belong on American television. The voice actors are generally terrible. Translations are hideous. Most anime is NOT intended for a young audience. Also, if you watch a particular anime series, you should also be reading the coinciding manga. Otherwise you're just a poser. Also, I will stop using also twice in the same sentence.

I will also try harder, to use proper punctuation; and be more better with my grammar'

Lastly, I HATE that uses div tags instead of br tags for line breaks.


(Ego claims she doesnt own a forehead protector, but I know she is lying. This saddens me. There is no shame in being a shinobi. NO SHAME!)