Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gearing Up and Resocketing and Some Other Stuff

Monday night was good to me. Finally had enough points to win the token for my T4 shoulders, which gives me 3/5 total. Yay me!

I also made the decision to do a major resocketing job. I had been stacking alot of agility so as to balance attack power and crit to support my build. I knew that while my hit rating met the minimum requirements for specials (about 9%), eh, yeah it's been lacking. But up until this week, I haven't had the extra gem slots or other gear to warrant the necessary reduction of other stats just to improve hit. Anyway, I placed 7 +4agi/+4hit gems in 7 of my available red sockets and raised my hit rating to 224. Knowing that one of our druids has improved faerie fire, I can loosely calculate (for raiding) my chance for direct melee misses as follows:

Base miss for dual-wielders = 28%

Current hit rating modifiers:
  • 5% = 5/5 Precision
  • 14.20% = Gear and itemization
  • 3% = Improved faerie fire

    Thats 22.20% chance to hit. Right? Well, not exactly. It would be more accurate to say that my miss chance is reduced by 22.20%.

    Talented, geared, and raid buffed (28% - 22.20%), my chance to miss is now around 5.8%. I actually have the recount data to support this, but I forgot to email the screenshot to my work email address before leaving this morning. Ah, well.

    I'm still struggling with dodges and parries, which I have read can be eliminated by standing >.5 yards directly behind the enemy target. Go ahead and try that during the HKM or Gruul fight. I. Dare. You. Regardless, it's nice to finally be settling into a comfort zone with my gear and itemization.

    A random list for today, mostly because I am too busy at work to complete any of the 4 posts I've been trying to write about the following subjects:

  • Eating pizza with a fork and knife should be a federal offense. Charges should be considered capital when the fork and knife have been proved to be plastic.

  • I may or may not have acquired a level 70 warlock through means by which may or may not be worse in comparison to eating pizza with a (plastic) fork and knife.

  • TJ reminds me of her awesomeness daily, sometimes through force and other times just by sheer...awesomeness. However, a certain BM hunter and I have a plan that involves the recent allowance of paid character name changes and the word "brkfangirl".

  • In fact, I need to end this list and this post with the following awesomeness of teh TEEJ because of the following exchange, which literally JUST took place:

    TJ: %ranting about work sillyness%
    TJ: I need you to distract meeeeeee
    Me: Ok, hold on, do you want me to write about your awesomeness, or not?
    Me: I guess not
    TJ: Doom wait, I do
    Me: Let me finish the post
    (Speaking to the frustations of TJ's workday)
    TJ: I can't. I like you
    TJ: As much as that disgusts me
    Me: That was possibly the most amazing backhanded compliment I've ever received. And I love it
    TJ: Who? What, me? Oh.
    TJ: Yeah, I totally meant whatever you thought I meant that was funny and made you like it