Monday, October 22, 2007

The New Hemo: An Exciting Change

Trained to rank 4, the new and improved Hemmorage adds up to 36 damage to any physical attack. Melee. Pets. Backstab. Mutilate. Sinister Strike. Shield Slam. Auto Shot. Steady Shot. Kill Command. Heroic Strike. Execute. Rip. Mangle.

This could quite possibly be the answer to a Rogue's lack of a true group/raid buff.

I really like this change, mostly because I ran a 20/0/41 hemo build leveling from 60-70 and I enjoyed it very much. But...thinking about using hemo as a raid buff could be entirely erroneous on my part. Is the overall increased physical dps worth the significantly reduced individual dps? Obviously one could forget about being in the top 5 of a 25-man raid. If I were any good at math I would try and calculate the damage per strike gained for each class that dealt physical damage, attempt to figure for an average attack per second, and try to estimate raid dps gained (assuming a certain number of each physical dps class) versus individual dps lost.

Perhaps a hybrid 5/25/31 build would work best to serve the purpose of this grandiose idea of mine? Heh. I lawl just thinking about it.

Sigh. Why do I always do this to myself? I know exactly what's going to happen anyway. Because...I just can't leave well enough alone.

Maybe I'm just too in love with the idea of being able to have a significant raid/party buff like every other class.

In other news, these changes look fun too. You can bet that I will be making a copy of Doomilias on the PTR this evening...