Friday, October 12, 2007

Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator

So I have gotten a few emails asking about the mods I use. Here they are, in no particular order

I run 1680 wide screen resolution, which is why the screenshot is so large. Alot of my addons run on the Ace2 framework, so I recommend downloading that first. I don't want to link to each mod, but they can all be found either on the Ace2 download site (just do a CTRL+F and search) or on Curse.

The action bar modification is actually two add-ons in one. The first is Bartender3. It allows you to have complete control over the position, size and interactivity of your actionbars. You will need to first turn all of your actionbars off in the Blizzard UI before implementing these. The second, which gives the polished circle look, is called CyCircled. It is a very simple addon that allows you to choose from library of graphics for your hotbar buttons.

To the left of the actionbars is my chat window. I just recently added a mod called Prat, which allows you to change the look and feel of your chat windows. I am still fiddling with it, but I like it so far.

To the right of the actionbars is a combat log reader called HitsMode. There is a ton of customization you can use, such as displaying post-combat summaries, and color-coded sequences and actions. I am just using the default settings here.

Above the HitsMode window is Omen Threat Meter. I used to run KTM, but this one is much better. If nothing other the customizable bar sizes and settings for aggro gain threshold warnings, it is a must have for any class.

In the middle of my screen, which can barely see beacuse I did not have the foresight this morning to target anything before snapping the shot, is a HUD called IceHud. I really like this because it keeps my focus in the center of screen, instead of continually needing to look up to see my health, energy, and the mobs health and mana. One of the best attributes for rogues is the energy ticker. Knowing when you are about to a tick of 20 energy REALLY helps you be proactive about your next move. If I have both slice and dice and rupture up and running, 2 combo points, and say about 60 energy, I can watch the ticker so I can time a mutilate > finisher > mutilate with only the global cooldown to worry about.

At the top-right-centerish youll see two timer bars. This addon is called SorrenTimers. It can be used for any class, and can track any ability that either has a cooldown or has a countdown. It learns your skills as you use them, so if you are using it while you level, remember to keep updating it. Another thing you can do with this addon is create categories. For instance, I have cheapshot, kidney shot, gouge, and blind all categorized under "Stuns". I can then move this category anywhere on my screen. Similarly, I have garrote, rupture, deadly poison, wound poison, and crippling poison under Debuffs". What you see on this shot are my bloodlust brooch and cloak of shadows both counting down.

For my party UI, I use Perl Classic. I've tried Perl-X, but I just can't get into it.

Finally, I use Titan Panel to track things like guild, money, performance, bag space, and armor percentage.

What are some of the mods you guys use? I am always looking for new ones. I like change.

(not pictured: damagemeters. I hardly ever have this up on my screen, except during bossfights or certain situations to watch the active performance of the raid)

(if i gave out cool points, which i dont, you'd get 5 for knowing where i got the title of this post)