Friday, October 5, 2007

Have fun with it

"Hey Doom...I had a quick question about the [41/20/0] build as I recently ran mech for the first time. As you probably know a large chunk of the trash and all the bosses in there are immune to poisons and bleeds. This really hampered my dps, and i was struggling to figuire out what i could do with my 5 combo points. I cant slap ruptures on, or use evenom, and mutilate damage is hampered also by the lack of poisoning. Do you put eviscerate on your bar as a finisher? Basically what should i be doing on these mobs? Is this instance one of the more painful for the mutilate rogue? - Lalecize on Aman'thul"

Thanks for the email Lal. Are you sure you are talking about The Mechanar? I've never had an issue with mobs being poison immune in any of the Tempest Keep instances, seeing as how the large majority are blood elves and demons. The first boss in mech, Mechano-Lord Capacticus, is immune to poison and bleed. Seems fair enough, he is a mechanical type after all. The Tempest-Forge Destroyers (the big mechanicals that do charged fist), however, are not immune to poison. At least, they are not immune to offensive poisons. What is your poison setup? I highly recommend using an instant poison on your main hand, and a deadly poison on your offhand. There really is no good reason to be using mind numbing or crippling poisons while you are running an instance. Some circumstances call for them, but they are very few and far between.

As for bleeds, well, yes. Er, no. You will come across alot of mobs and bosses that are immune to bleed effects. All mechanicals and certain undead bosses, for instance (Laj in Botanica, Attumen the Huntsmen and Moroes in Karazhan). In this case, by all means use eviscerate as a substitute finisher, but wait until you have 5 points to do so. To maximize your dps for bosses like these, make sure not to use mutilate unless you have the find weakness buff. Instead of spamming your attacks to try and make up for the lack of rupture, focus on keeping your energy bar close to full. Watch your energy ticker and try and time your regen so that you will be able to get two mutilates off. I will also use a 5/5 envenom on occasion, using shiv to quickly refresh 5 charges of deadly poison. Be very very careful of your threat when not using rupture, as your tendancy will be to try for more burst.

Lal, one of the most important things as a rogue is to find a rotation that works for you. You have to be comfortable with the skills you are using. If you aren't, your dps will suffer because you wont be confident, you'll get distracted by trying to do the "right thing". One last thing that is important is not to pay too much attention to any sort of damage meters (I have meters, but I only check them every once in a while). Watch your energy, be aware of your cooldown timers and buffs, and work with your environment and party. There are all sorts of elitist jerks out there. Play your rogue to have fun.