Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Bit About Rogue Leveling

Minnieu from Kargath has a young rogue, and is asking for some leveling advice:

"...I am having problems with the pickpocket macro that you have. I copied and pasted it directly from the web site to the macro menu in WOW. Then changed it from cheap shot to the opening skills that I do have and it worked a few times then nadda. I see the toon stand up but not window pops up. If I then stealth and then go to another mob sap it then pick pockets I alway get a window with some loot. Any idea?"

First, if you play a rogue and don't use this macro...well, shenanigans. It's free money and loot, and will support your poison and reagent needs (at least until blind becomes reagent-less in 2.3) with junkboxes from humanoids (note: If you can, dont completely loot these junkboxes. Leave something in them and stash em for Ravenholdt rep turn-ins). Second, to answer your question Min I kinda need to see the macro itself. Could send me a screenshot of your macro window? Make sure to turn on auto-loot in your interface options as well, otherwise it can get buggy.

"...As a relatively new player to WoW and to playing Rogues I have my points all over the place...what in your opinion is the best solo spec for a Rogue?"

That all really depends. On alot of things. Any one of the combat weapon specs (maces, daggers, swords, fists) are great solo specs. But you can make any spec effective for soloing, since rogues have the ability to stealth past unnecessary or unbalanced fights. But, uh, what would I recommend for a new rogue leveling?

"...should I go with dual daggers/dual swords/or dagger and sword?"

Combat swords. The only reason I suggest swords by default is that they are probably the most accessible one-handed melee weapon. Why? Because one-handed swords are the most diversely used melee weapon across all melee or physical damage classes.

However, through your first 40 or so levels, use the best dps weapons you come across. Always check the auction house for upgrades. Use whatever you can find that will give you both the highest dps available and the best stats (for leveling, agility and stamina). At some point, you may want to make a point of trying to wield a sword in your main hand and a dagger in your off hand if nothing more than to have your sword/dagger skill level with you. When I made the decision to switch to combat mutilate at 70, I had to spend an entire Saturday afternoon leveling my dagger skill...and that just plain sucked.

"...Please if you are able to take a look at my profile and give me ideas."

Now, as for your spec. I see you currently have all 14 points in the combat tree. I would personally go with something like this instead.

I'm not really a fan of lightning reflexes. 5% dodge at that level isn't going to give you as much benefit as you would get from 5% increase to crit. Crit will fluctuate as you level, and having this base 5% increase is really going to help you kill mobs faster.

Don't worry about parry and riposte. The amount of mobs you'll be fighting that you can actually use this ability against doesn't really justify the points spent...yet. It's much better to get the points into abilities that you should be using on every single fight: eviscerate, sinister strike, and gouge. Why improved gouge? Because it gives you 5.5 seconds to regen energy, reposition behind the mob, not take damage, etc. You can also use it as an evasion tactic. Aggro'd something you dont want to fight? Gouge it and you'll get away.

So. This is just my recommendation, but fill up your imp's first, along with malice, and then start putting points into improved slice and dice. Some may argue this, but having more slice and dice time at the cost of less combo points is something I would want if I was leveling again. Fill out precision next, endurance (you should be using evasion whenever you have it up), and finally dual wield spec. Your level 28 build should look like this. Where to go from there? Write me again when you get there!

Again, these are just my recommendations. I'm sure there are other rogues out there who will tell you different, and thats fine. In fact, how about some more advice for Minni? Anyone?

Thanks for writing Minni. Hope this helps!