Friday, September 14, 2007

Hit Rating and the Noob Within

Well, first let me say thank you to everyone who left advice about PvPing as a rogue. I like doing arena every now and then, and maybe someday I'll actually spec for it. But I'm a raider at heart. Through and through, I just love the PvE experience.

A little bit of an update, I know have not been keeping up with posts at all lately. I've been doing quite a bit of moving around, what with quitting my old job in favor of this new one. Had a bit of a time getting myself set up with a new workstation both while I'm staying with my parents (while I look for a new place closer to the new office) and at the new job. Anyway, I've been doing alot of reading, and I'm confused. This...hit rating thing.

After trying to do some of my own calculations based on what I've read, I was only able to come to one solid conclusion. I am a noob. N00b. n3wb. WTFhowever you spell it, it's me. I'll try and explain my predicament. Maybe someone out there can shed a little extra light on the topic for me.

Ok so, in this post on the WoW-Euro forums, Cryinfreeman writes what seems to be a fairly informative breakdown of some hit rating theory. It's important to note that it is just a theory. At no point has Blizzard ever revealed as truth or fallacy the ideas/calculations presented on forum posts like this or on sites like wowwiki. However, he does present some very strong game-tested evidence, via screenshots and such.

Anyway, he gives a pretty solid argument as to the existence of a circumstantial 1 or 2 roll system. As it pertains to melee, if the attack is non-special (aka "white damage" or "autoattack") then the roll may have only one result: [Miss] [Dodge] [Parry] [Glancing Blow] [Bock] [Critical Hit] [Ordinary Hit]. If the attack is a special or skill attack, then the roll will result in one of [Miss] [Dodge] [Parry] [Block] [Hit]; then, well, to plagiarize, "If value rolled is block then roll for blocked hit or blocked crit If value rolled is hit then roll for ordinary hit or critical hit."

I am ok with this, it makes perfect sense. I am ok with the fact that hit rating is NOT related to how often you successfull land a melee attack, but rather how often you miss a melee attack (in other words, hit rating decreases your chance to miss, it does not directly increase your chance to hit). I understand that based on all of these theories, a hit rating cap for dual wielding melee has been set at around 220 + talents.

What really spins my wheels is trying to figure out how important hit rating is to the 41/20/0 build. Is it really THAT important to max out the hit cap at the total expense of crit% and attack power? I understand that a raiding rogue should have at least the minimum 9% hit rating (apparently the special attack hit rating cap, regardless of dual wielding or two-hander). But for a combat mutilate rogue to reach 220 hit rating while still attempting to acquire gear from Kara, that rogue would have to sacrifice alot of crit%. Is it worth it to have a 220 hit rating but only a 20% crit chance?

I currently have 175 hit rating and 24% crit. To get 45 more hit rating points, I would need...screw it I'm not wasting time figuring out how my stats would be affected by changing all my gems. Personally, I'm not sold on whoring all of my gear and gem socket selections for less of a chance to miss my target. I'd rather balance hit, crit, and attack power to scale equally with the progressive content. Anyway, thoughts?

Edit: Melnayo brought up a good point in taking a look at the breakdown of where the majority of my dps is coming from. Here are two screenshots from last nights Kara run (Curator through Prince + Nightbane in under 2 hours. Only one wipe the whole night, which happened on Nightbane.) The first is the damage meter totals, the second being the itemized damage totals by source.

As you can see, more than half of my dps comes from white damage. I also frapsed the boss fights for my own analysis of glancing blows and misses, and I'm still going through them. I can say that on the Prince fight, I saw a handful of glancing blows, and maybe 5 or 6 misses per minute.