Friday, August 31, 2007


PvP. Player versus Player. No timed action patterns, no artificial intelligence (sometimes none at all). Just you sitting at your desk and someone else sitting at theirs. Each of you trying to reduce the others health points to zero. And I stink at it. Well, specifically, Arena. I've tried and I just can't get the hang of it. A big part of it is that all of my talents and gear itemizations are purposed for raiding and dungeon content. I know stamina and reslience are the most important stats to have for being successful with Arena play. But I've never done any serious PvPing. Sure, when the honor system was revamped towards the end of 2006, I was right in there with all of the other BG noobs farming for perplz.

I can take any of the popularly accepted Rogue builds and make them work well for PvE content (yes, I was 20/0/41 lewlstep for my virgin Kara run, and I managed to keep myself in the top 3 dps). But ask me to put together a solid PvP build with talents focused for Arenas, and I'm lost. Does the old school 31/0/30 Cold Blood Prep build work? How about 41/0/20 Mutilate Assassination? I know Combat Maces is one of the more popular newcomers, but what talents in the combat tree are good for Arenas? What about the stunlocking Hemo builds from the past?

Not that I plan on respeccing for PvP anytime soon, I am just curious. I want to know what other people have had success with. I try looking and reading through the forums, but all I see are trolls and flamers and I have no patience for that garbage.

So, any advice from anyone out there?