Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Quickie

So busy again today, apparently we are hitting crunch time where all of the various brands we work for *find* extra money and decide to spend it all before year end so as to retain reason (no matter how ridiculous and false) for their inflated budgets to carry into quarter 1 of the following year.


To: The 37 females I've seen so far today, in various wings of my office building, wearing skirts and knee-high black boots
Notice: Thank you
From: Doomilias S. Rogue

Second, watch this video. It may not be all that amazing to someone who doesn't play the drums. But I do. And it makes me want to throw away my sticks and sell my kit. The video is unimpressive at first, but hang around until the end when the guy maintains a flawless beat while juggling three drumsticks...