Tuesday, September 18, 2007

High Queen Ballerina

On our 7th try ever, Aetherial Circle slew HQB and his merry troop of en pointers. Our mage-tank had 15k hp buffed, our hunters MD pulled onto their tanks with precision, and our DPS was tremendous. The guild raid leader and MT, Celliana (who had previously been raiding a hunter through a fair amount of 25-man content), gave excellent directions and kept us calm through the chaos of learning the initial pull strategy.

One thing that will never cease to amaze me about this guild is our collective discipline when learning new fights. All through Kara, and now starting into GL, it seems that there is just an inherent dedication to knowing ones role in a particular fight; and not just knowing the role, but mastering every aspect involved. As the Great One-Eyed Prima Ballerina was holding onto his last few thousand hit points, Celli was already exclaiming that this had been the best group he has had the pleasure to raid with. /tear. WTF is this salty discharge at the corner of my eyes?

Ok, so why do I keep referring to High King Maulgar as a ballerina? Because every so often he will do this little move called "whirlwind"...but thats no whirlwind at all. No, no. You sir, are pirouetting. Seriously, the fight is not very hard at all. That is, after the first pull. To illustrate how important the initial pull is, well, the first 6 times we tried the pulls were off. Someone didn't grab aggro on the right ogre, someone got death coiled, spellsteal got resisted, etc. On the 7th try, the pull went off without a hitch, and it was chewy chocolate chip cookies from that point. Here is a video of the fight, thanks to Cayleigh.

Roguery on this fight is very simple. Myself and 3 others joined a private chat channel to discuss kick and kidney shot rotation on Blindeye, and we proceeded to stun and interrupt the bastage to his death. Not one heal got off. I managed to die on my way to Olm, because he was just a bit to close to Krosh and I took a nasty fireblast. But I got a battle rez right after the last of Maulgar's council died, and helped finish the fight. Drops were good, but I didn't have enough SWAPS points to win anything.

Note: Being dead for more than half of a boss fight doesn't help you stay on top of the damage meters. No matter, I was just as happy that we were able to pull it all together and drop him.